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Underfloor insulation

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Underfloor insulation what you need to know.

The subject of underfloor insulation can be a tricky one. Purely because the differences are so subtle. So what are the differences and what do i need to know? Well first things first we do three types of insulation, Non cement coated or xps insulation boards, cement coated or tile backer board and impact plus insulation or laminate insulation.

Non Cement Coated Or XPS Insulation Board.

Underfloor insulationDesigned to be used under tile and stone floors like the tile backer board. However without the cement coating on either side of the board. A screw would simply tear the board and allow movement once laid. So the non cement coated insulation boards need to be stuck down with a flexible tile adhesive. Whilst still offering the same insulation value and compressible strength of the tile backer board.

Cement Coated Or Tile Backer Boards

Tile backer insulation boardsDesigned to be used under a tile or stone floor like the the non cement coated board. However with the added benefit of the ability to be screwed down to a wooden sub floor. Giving the installer a cleaner experience of laying the insulation board without the use of adhesive.

Impact Plus Insulation Or Laminate Insulation

impact plus insulation wood and laminate insulationOur impact plus insulation is designed to provide a more cushioned floor effect under wood, laminate and carpeted floors. Whilst maintaining the same high thermal barrier.

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