Living Heat Wi5 - Wi-Fi Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

When it comes to Underfloor Heating choosing the correct Thermostat is very important and makes sure your heating system works flawlessly. To give you and your home the best heating solution, Living Heat offer a wide range of underfloor heating thermostats to suit all budgets and they range from easy to use manual thermostats to more high-tech thermostats with features such as Touch Screen, WiFi Control, Remote Control and Colour Screens.

With over 20 years experience, Living Heat can provide you with all your underfloor heating supplies, such as thermostats and heating films and mats.

M100 Manual Thermostat

M100 Manual Thermostat


This Floor only Manual Thermostat is simplicity itself. A simple on-off switch along with a heat dial. That’s it, what could be easier? The M100 is supplied with an external floor probe and backed up with a 1 year manufacture’s warranty.
M5 Manual Digital Thermostat

M5 Manual Thermostat


The M5 Digital Thermostat can be used with all types of electric underfloor heating. The M5 Thermostat is very easy to operate and makes using your underfloor heating system child’s play.
D600 White Digital Thermostat

D600 Digital Thermostat


D600 Digital Thermostats are programmable controllers with both air and floor sensors.
With a large 3.1″ blue LCD screen and with smart heating control features found in most modern thermostats.
T5 White Programmable Thermostat

T5 Touch Thermostat


The T5 Touch Screen digital thermostat will operate all standard electric underfloor heating systems. With a large sensitive, ultra flat low profile screen with micro bevel edges the T5 is a stunning looking thermostat.

Wi5 White Wi-fi Thermostat

Wi5 Wi-Fi Thermostat


The New Wi5 Wi-Fi underfloor heating thermostat is simple to use but really stands out from the crowd with its low profile sleek modern look. With an ultra flat gloss screen, micro bevel edges and easy and intuitive user interface.

I8 White Wi-fi Thermostat

i8 Wi-Fi Thermostat


i8 Wi-Fi Thermostats are fully Wi-Fi enabled but that’s just the start. Packed with every modern feature the i8 like all Living Heat Wi-Fi thermostats does also not require a hub (many other brands still require dedicated routers or hubs). This saves you on average over £200!
I9 White Touch Screen Thermostat

Wi-Fi Touch Screen

Was £119.99


The i9 Wi-Fi thermostat is the big brother of the i8. Packed with all the latest features to help reduce running costs, control & automate your heating with ease. All this with a large 4.2”wide touchscreen display!

CT1000 White Colour Touch Screen

Wi-Fi Colour Touch Screen


Colour Touch Screen Thermostats combine the very latest features with a large 4.4″ colour touch screen display and super stylish looks! It really finishes your room. Comes with both air and floor sensors.
T700 Touch Screen Thermostat

T700 Thermostat


T700 Touch Screen Thermostats are programmable controllers with both air and floor sensors and a large 2.8″ blue LCD screen with smart heating control features. Once installed they will add a stylish modern touch to any room.