Under Carpet Heating

Underfloor heating is a compatible heating system with carpet. Both electric underfloor heating is perfectly suitable floor heating solutions for use under a carpet floors.

There are several benefits to having under carpet heating. First of all, hygiene. Carpets tend to collect dust. And the hot air from conventional radiators causes the air in the room to circulate. As a result of this, they circulate the dust and impurities. Underfloor heating heats up the floor rather than the air and does not cause air circulation or convection currents.

To heat under carpet floors you will require the following.

underfloor heating mats 150w

Underfloor Heating Foil – 150w

At 150 watts per square metre, the 150w electric underfloor heating mat is designed to be a secondary heat source. However, if more than 80% of the floor area is heated it can be considered a primary heat source. The mats are simply rolled out on the floor and the mesh backing can be cut leaving the cable intact.

duo overlay for carpet underfloor heating

Duo Overlay

Duo overlay boards are for use, when fitting vinyl or low tog carpet directly over our 150w foil underfloor heating systems. Vinyl & Carpet is easy to penetrate, the duo overlay adds a solid layer to protect the heating.  And provide a solid floor ready for the final floor covering. Furthermore it removes the need for an underlay. 

XPS Underfloor Heating Hard Insulation Boards

XPS Insulation

Living Heat XPS Insulation boards can be stuck down with the same flexible tile adhesive being used to complete your tiling. We would recommend that you use the 10mm thick insulation boards. However, if you do have any height restrictions, as a result the 6mm hard insulation boards will deflect most of your heat upwards.


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