Tile & Decoupling Membranes

Comprehensive range of technologically advanced tile and decoupling membrane systems meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled durability and load distribution. Suitable for diverse applications including interior and exterior installations, our product range offers cutting-edge solutions that effectively mitigate substrate movement and fractures.

Decoupling membranes are like protective shields for new tile floors. They prevent the tiles from cracking or coming loose if the ground underneath them moves or develops cracks. These membranes are commonly used in new homes because the ground under the house can shift a bit as it settles. The membrane acts as a buffer, absorbing the sideways movements and stopping the tiles from getting cracked or breaking.

Most of the decoupling membranes we have in stock can also keep water out. When the seams between sections are properly sealed, they stop water from getting in, which makes things last longer. These membranes are also made to spread out the weight on floors that have to hold heavy things.

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