Fitting Underfloor heating in large areas

Fitting underfloor heating in large areas can often seem like daunting task. But in reality the thought is often more scary than the actual installation.

How to fit underfloor heating in large areas

Underfloor heating thermostats have a limit to the power they can switch. Our thermostats have a limit of 16amps or 3600 watts. This effects larger areas because the load often exceeds this limit.

By choosing a different heating mat for example, a 150w system will have less wattage than a 200w system. This will alter the load on the thermostat and may solve your problem right off the bat.

underfloor heating mats
underfloor heating foil system

For areas that still exceed the limit

For areas that exceed the limit there are two options available.

  1. Split the area into 2 zones.
  2. Install a contactor. A contactor or relay is a switch that is capable of switching high loads. Your thermostat would switch the relay or contactor on or off  rather than the the heating. All the heating power supplies run back to the contactor switch.

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