Self Levelling Compound


Ultra self-leveling is a high quality, easy to mix, high flow all in products that are super flexible so suitable for use over wood and concrete floors.

At 24kg, our levelling is super easy to mix as the bag and bottle are simply combined into one bucket, easily mixed and simply poured over the floor. With a high coverage, super hard and durable set surface and quick setting time, the flooring can be laid over within hours of levelling being poured.

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Self Leveling Compound

Self Leveling Compound is a high quality, easy to mix super flexible levelling. Simply add the bottle to the powder and it will create the perfect consistency every time. Suitable for use over wood and concrete floors.
The final floor will be super hard and durable. The levelling has a quick setting time and the flooring can be laid over within hours of levelling being poured.Can be walked on within 2.5 hours of pouring approximately. And the floor covering can be laid after 12 hours approximately. Dependent on ambient temperatures.

Mainly used to create a level floor to be tiled upon, however, the levelling compound can be used to embed a heating cable. And once set can have a multitude of floor coverings from woods and laminates to vinyl flooring and more.


Level It Two Self Leveling Compound

Designed for use by a professional tiler. However very easy to mix and use so also suitable for any competent DIY enthusiast. Before pouring your Sub floor should be clean, sound and free of any loose debris. Full instructions are printed on each bag. However to ensure a good adhesion between the sub floor and floor covering. The floor may require a suitable acrylic floor primer. please do not hesitate to contact ourselves if you have any questions. one of the team will be happy to help.


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