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Control your Underfloor Heating with (Alexa) or Amazon Echo

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Alexa Devices

Using Amazon Alexa, a cloud-based speech service, is as easy as asking a query. Simply ask to play music, make calls, set timers and alarms, check your calendar, traffic, weather, and sports scores, manage to-do lists, and more. Alexa was created to simplify your life by enabling voice control of your surroundings, whether you are at home or on the go.

Apple has Siri. Google Home has the Google Assistant, which comes alive when you say “OK, Google.” Amazon has Alexa. But why? According to David Limp, the Amazon executive who oversaw the development of the service, the name “Alexa” was chosen for a few reasons. First, the name “Alexa” harks back to the Library of Alexandria, which attempted to collect all of the world’s knowledge. Amazon is attempting to do the same thing. Alexa is always learning but, in theory, it should be a seamless source of information.

Something most people don’t realise is that your underfloor heating can be controlled through ‘Alexa’ A.K.A Amazon Echo, and the i8 Wi-Fi Thermostat from Living Heat. All you need to do is simply enable the smart life skill in the Alexa App, and log in with your phone number and password. At this point, Alexa should look for and find all of your Wi-Fi thermostats.

Amazon Alexa / Echo Smart Home

Then simply say ‘Alexa, Turn on the thermostat’. But wait there is more if you have multiple thermostats you can even specify which one you want to control. simply say ‘Alexa, turn “your_thermostats_name” on / up / down’.

Amazon Alexa / Echo Smart Home

The Living Heat i8 Wi-Fi Thermostat is compatible with Amazon Alexa, providing unrivaled convenient underfloor heating control.

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