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Merry Christmas From Living Heat

It’s that time of year again. On behalf of the Living Heat team, we would like to thank all our customers. It’s been an amazing year with some interesting designs and developments. producing some amazing and unexpected results. So what’s on the agenda for next year?...

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i8 Wifi Thermostat

Electric underfloor heating i8 Wifi Thermostat We have finally launched our new i8 Wifi thermostat. This thermostat is very special for a number of reasons. But let's start with the basics, this thermostat can be controlled via Wifi from anywhere in the world as long...

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Underfloor Heating Wifi Thermostat

Living Heat Underfloor Heating WiFi Thermostat ? Okay, So we get a lot of questions about WiFi thermostats. And thus far we haven't released an Underfloor Heating WiFi Thermostat ! And the reason was simple, the technology just hadn't reached point where we could...

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Underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation what you need to know. The subject of underfloor insulation can be a tricky one. Purely because the differences are so subtle. So what are the differences and what do i need to know? Well first things first we do three types of insulation, Non...

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