Overlay Duo Under Carpet Heating


6mm Thick

Made up of two 3mm hardboard layers. raising the floor 6mm

A protective layer

A protective layer under carpet floors. to allow the heat film or foil to be used

Duo Overlay is designed for use under carpet and vinyl flooring. It is designed to provide a strong stable layer for carpet and vinyl to be fitted over while protecting the heating and insulation fitted under. When used with impact plus insulation, underlay is not needed if carpet is to be fitted. If underlay is fitted, it must be 0.8 tog or lower. If vinyl flooring is to be fitted over the heating then hard insulation boards should be fitted in place of the Impact Plus thermal insulation.

Step 1

Make sure the floor is clean level and suitable for the chosen floor covering.

Step 2

Once the insulation and heating is fitted, (make sure to follow the appropriate insulation and heating fitting instructions) the first layer of boards can be fitted. Make sure to stagger all joints and cut the board tightly over the floor area. If gripper rod is fitted then the boards can be cut within the gripper rod perimeter. All joints must be taped together using the fiber tape provided. Double sided tape is then fixed around the perimeter with additional lines fitted at 300mm spacing’s. The Duo Overlay must extend over the heating mats by a minimum of 50mm on all sides.

Step 3

The second layer can then be fitted over and fixed to the first making sure to stagger all joints. Additional double sided tape can be fitted to the surface of the first layer if required to make sure all boards are well stuck down and both layers are well bonded together.

Step 4

A second layer of fibre tape should now be fixed over all joints on the second layer leaving the duo overlay ready to receive the final floor covering.

Duo Overlay is not a waterproof layer and contact with water or other liquids must be avoided. If heating is fitted under the Duo Overlay it is good practice to label the floor to warn others other about any electrical hazard and that drilling, cutting or puncturing the floor surface in any way may damage the underfloor heating.