Impact Plus Insulation


6mm Thick

Impact Plus is 6mm thick making a total raise in the floor of 7-8mm

Cushioned Effect

The Impact adds just enough cushioned effect for that added comfort

Easily cut

Easily cut to fit your room. and a score can bury any heating cables


Impact Plus insulation is a very cost effective insulation to buy

Impact Plus Thermal Insulation

Impact Plus thermal insulation is designed for use directly under wood, laminate and carpet type floors. The insulation is 6mm in depth and comes as 1m wide sheets x the length you require. The next steps are listed here to help guide you through the installation process. Please note that tiles and stone flooring is not suitable for this insulation. If tiles and stone are to be fitted then hard insulation or tile backer boards should be used.

1: The sub-floor whether concrete or wood should be made suitable for the chosen floor covering prior to any insulation being fitted. The sheets are designed to provide increased insulation levels not structural rigidity or floor levelling.

2: Make sure the floor is clean, (dust and debris free). Start by using either a double sided tape or spray contact adhesive to sufficiently cover the floor area where insulation is to be laid. A full floor covering is not necessary as you only require sufficient to hold the insulation in place while the floor covering is being fitted. (In small areas the insulation can simply be laid loose over the floor).

Double sided tape or spray contact adhesive can be used under insulation or single sided tape used over insulation if needed to hold the insulation in place.

4: Working in manageable sized areas, lay the insulation over the floor area. Each run should be butted together and cut neatly in around the edge of the room making sure to achieve a full floor coverage.

5: If the insulation needs to be cut to size this is easily done with a sharp Stanley knife or scissors.

6: Once the insulation is fitted the floor should be kept clean and tidy. This is to make sure the insulation is not damaged or debris trodden into the surface which could affect or damage any subsequent layers fitted over the insulation.

7: Carpet Flooring: Depending upon what type of gripper rod is being used, it can be advantageous to install a 50mm strip of 6mm MDF or similar board around the perimeter of the room prior to fitting the insulation. The insulation can then be fitted into the well created to leave a level floor. This allows the gripper rod to be fitted onto the 6mm perimeter boarding, which will help the carpet fitter to easily hook the carpet over the gripper rods.