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Electric Underfloor Heating In Screed Heating Cable

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Underfloor Heating in screed heating cable

Underfloor Heating World offers underfloor heating kits for use under all floor coverings. Underfloor Heating World kits come complete with your desired under floor heating system, digital programmable air & floor thermostat, acrylic floor primer, full fitting instructions, 15-year warranty and free next working day delivery. Please note you may require additional insulation when fitting underfloor heating over an un-insulated sub floor. Please feel free to contact ourselves if you have any questions or require further assistance with any underfloor heating projects you may be considering. Our time and advice is FREE…

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In screed electric underfloor heating

In screed, electric underfloor heating cables are an in floor heater. Our heating cables are designed to be buried under a 50-75mm thick bed of concrete screed. Consequently, the heating cable is ideally installed on a new build project during the construction stage. Working just like a water underfloor heating system does. Once installed the cable requires little to no maintenance. The in screed cable is an ultra-powerful and very durable heating cable. Which is very easy and quick to lay. The in screed Cable has a whopping 15-year manufacturers warranty. And is suitable for under all floor coverings. Making it an especially adaptable heating cable, for new build properties. As the final floor covering may not have been decided upon. Please feel free to call or email us directly 01803 316060 if you wish to discuss your project.

Free Design Service

At Living Heat we offer a free design service, to make the whole process a little easier. If you would like a free quote or just a little more information. Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01803 316060. Our time and advice is free and we can recommend the best underfloor heating system for you.

A choice of underfloor heating thermostat

We offer one of the largest ranges of thermostat options which are ever expanding. All our Living Heat thermostats will fit a standard 1 gang back box. And can take a maximum load of 16amps or 3600 watts of heating without the need of a contact or relay switch. These industry leading thermostats are all designed to be easy to use and install. To find out more about each underfloor heating thermostats unique features.

Electric Underfloor Heating Cable Floor Build Up

Starting at the bottom of your installation with the sub floor being either wood or concrete. The first layer would be a thin bed of flexible tile adhesive about 4mm thick. To stick down your insulation boards much like with the under tile heating systems. Next your underfloor heating insulation board itself. To reflect the heat into the concrete screed floor. This will also create a flat solid base to lay your underfloor heating cable onto. The cables are now laid and you will then need to pump 50-75mm of concrete screed over the top of the heating cables. And finally, the tiles can be stuck down with a standard 6mm bed of flexible adhesive. Please also ensure that the tiles are laid with an even bed of adhesive for equal heat distribution.

So, in conclusion, the floor will be raised, dependent on a few variables by approximately:

  • 4mm bed of flexible adhesive.
  • 6mm insulation board. (10mm & 20mm insulation also available).
  • 2.5mm in screed heating cable. Enveloped into the concrete screed.
  • 50-75mm concrete screed.
  • 6mm bed of tile adhesive.
  • Tiles in this example 10mm tiles

Making a total of an additional in screed electric underfloor heating floor height of 76mm thick, dependent on your chosen variables of insulation and tile heights.

in screed electric underfloor heating

Additional information

Supply Voltage

230/240v 50hz

Connection tail

3m long cold / connection tails.


Full fitting instructions and warranty card.


15 year warranty on heating system.


Free technical help line.


Free next working day delivery.


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