Heating Tiles

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Heating Tiles is simple and easy to do with living heat. We offer an extensive knowledge base. With technical advisors to help you install your electric underfloor heating system. Under tile, heating is perfect whether you’re looking to warm your tiles. Or have the underfloor heating as a primary heat source.

Which under tile heating system should I choose?

Under Tile Heating Systems

As a rule of thumb the higher wattage you choose. The more responsive the heating system becomes. providing you install insulation and have over a 70% coverage of heating, both the 150w and 200w systems will achieve the same temperature. However, if you have a high heat loss area we recommend using the 200w system.

Under Tile Insulation

The insulation you select comes down to. Whether you have a concrete or wooden subfloor. The tile backer boards can be screwed down to a wooden subfloor. And both types of insulation boards can be stuck down with a flexible tile adhesive.

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